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Buy Gold Joy – Stellarscapes by Oriol Angrill Jordà from Spain, a limited edition art print series printed on high quality archival Epson paper, For sale, Limited edition of 100, Price is $75, Size is 10 x 10 in

Inner City Gardens

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Inner city gardens can do great things for community pride and spirit, and fortunately can be set up for little or no cost to the community. Inner city garden take away from unused plots and decrepit landscapes that are visually depressing and dangerously collecting trash, including needles.

If you know of a plot that could be transformed into an inner city garden the first place to stop is the local courthouse. Depending on the plot of land, inner city gardens either have to be approved by the city or the actual land owner, if there is one. Checking with the local courthouse can guide you as to whether a plot of land is accessible for an inner city garden.

If you receive approval, which really isn’t that hard to get since you aren’t asking for any money, scraping together an inner city garden can be done at the most in a couple of weekends. Gathering volunteers from the neighborhood can make the job easier and the inner city garden more of a community project.

Clearing out a plot of land for an inner city garden is an adult job. Plots that have been left to waste away are filled with who knows what, and it is not uncommon to find old drug paraphernalia laying about where you are interested in putting your inner city garden. Once the plot is cleared, then children can help in assembling the inner city garden, although it is still prudent to warn them about anything you may have missed, such as the dangers of picking up a needle.

When putting together an inner city garden, it’s not really all that difficult to gather ample donations. Hardware stores and large chain stores are typically willing to donate a few shovels, rakes, or plants when a community is willing to let the public know that the inner city garden was made possible by their donations. A simple hand painted sign is usually enough to cover this promise.

When planting an inner city garden it is best to plant hearty plants, small bushes, and flowering trees if at all possible. These tend to be harder to destroy through mild neglect than other plants. The inner city garden is occasionally the target for vandalism. Unfortunately there are those who don’t appreciate the hard work and the potential for a rise in spirit that goes hand in hand with an inner city garden. Don’t give up on your inner city garden. Prove to the kids of the neighborhood that this project is important and that an inner city garden benefits everyone.

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